Tirsan Kardan

For more than 60 years, Tirsan Kardan has specialized in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of Propeller Shafts, Steering Columns, Transmission and Axle flanges. As the Flagship company of “Tiryakiler Group of Companies”, Tirsan has been the preferred Tier 1 supplier of many global customers.

Benefits of Tirsan design

  • Lighter cardan shafts
  • Long guarantee periods
  • No-oil (lifelong) UJs and slip assemblies
  • Improved NVH
  • Staked type joints
  • Improved weld resistance
  • Improved tube strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Optimized design of parts

Light-Duty Vehicles

Single and multi piece cardan shafts prove themselves to be the best by taking their places in the leading vehicles of the Light Commercial Vehicle market with OEMS such as Ford, Volkswagon, Iveco and Isuzu.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Cardan shafts for the Heavy Commercial segment are being used by many OEM customers such as Ford, Renault and Volvo.