Gebrüder Kempf

Since 1963, Kempf manufactures universal joints and propeller shafts for European truck manufacturers and for special purposes in industrial and marine applications with torque capacities ranging from 2500 Nm up to 225,000 Nm.

Kempf employs state-of-the-art computer-assisted calculation and design methods to optimize components in the design phase for customer-specific applications.  Their shafts are characterized by reliability, durability and low maintenance.

  • Complex alloys and tempered high-strength steels delivering the highest torsional stiffness and load capacities
  • Use of forgings whose materials, weights and geometries for driveline components are maximized through finite element analysis simulations as well as decades of experience
  • High-level of wear resistance through material hardening such as carbonitriding
  • Made in Germany — in-house planning, design and manufacturing
  • Other products include
    • Balancing & Adapter Flanges
    • Flange Joints
    • H-double Joins
    • Intermediate Bearing & Bearing Blocks