With over 80 years combined experience in the power transmission industry, our focus is delivering quality driveline components and complete assemblies of universal shafts, constant velocity joints and gear couplings.

Industries We Power

Metal Processing

Steel hot & cold rolling mill driveshafts require high tensile strength universal joints for power transmission. Whether it is cost savings or premium products, we have solutions that will fit your application and your requirements. We can help you with a full replacement or repair in our full-service machine shop.


Paper requires premium shafts for the smoothest power transmission. The RPM’s are excessively fast and the machinery very sensitive. Brand name universal joints and couplings are critical to factory success for proper operation. We maintain inventory of these products to delivery components or complete assemblies quickly keeping downtime minimal.


Large Industrial drive shafts and gear coupling are our specialty. A huge inventory of large ujoint and gear coupling components allows us supply the industry with high-torque solutions in power transmission. Recycling, hydraulic fracturing, mining, generators, and pumping are just a few of the industrial applications where we can supply our customers with the necessary components to get up and running quickly.


Marine power transmission design has been perfected by European engineers with years of knowledge at providing advanced solutions for strict requirements demanded in this industry. The components we stock from our European vendors carry type approvals from major issuing entities such as DNV, ABS, Lloyds and BV to name a few.


Military equipment has to be the best for the harsh conditions of war. Power transmission in military applications have to be light and durable. As a supplier of heavy duty drivelines, we understand the requirements of an Armed Forces vehicle. Extreme designs and custom builds are common place for these applications and we have the products available to deliver these extra robust driveshafts.


Driveline parts that utilize power take off designs for agriculture applications can be very unique and convoluted. We have the proper power transmission components and the ability to assemble driveshafts for agricultural equipment in applications such as harvesting equipment, irrigation, treatment machines and compost mixers.

Our Partners in Power Transmission

We proudly represent quality manufacturers from around the globe

Power Transmission Gewes

gewes.de | Since 1947 Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm GmbH (GEWES) has been producing cardan shaft assemblies for nearly every off-highway, industrial and marine application.

Power Transmission Italgiunti

italgiunticompany.com | For over 40 years Italgiunti has been distinguished as a quality brand all over the world operating in the field of propeller shafts.

Power Transmission Tirsan

tirsankardan.com.tr | Tirsan Kardan located in Turkey, specializes in the design and manufacturing of universal joints, steering columns and gear box/differential flanges for a wide range of applications.

Power Transmission Maina

maina.it | Established in 1886, MAINA Power Transmission has been designing and manufacturing driveline components of large dimensions for industrial plants.

Power Transmission F. B. Cardan

fbcardan.it | F.B. Cardan SrL manufactures and supplies universal joint cross and bearing kits for OEMs and aftermarket companies.

Power Transmission Kempf

kempf-gelenkwellen.de | Since 1963, Kempf manufactures universal joints and propeller shafts for European truck manufacturers and for special purposes in industrial applications.

Power Transmission GKN

gkngroup.com | GKN Löbro supplies a comprehensive range of constant velocity joints, bar shafts and boot kits for industrial applications.

Power Transmission Rotar

giuntirotar.com | Founded in 1960, Rotar has established itself as a market leader in the universal, specialty joints and shafts industry introducing innovative twists to fundalmental cardan joint concepts.

Our Facility

By design, our team is small but our facility and stock is not. We operate at low margins and utilize our warehousing capability to stock items most needed by the industries we serve.

The result is supporting our customers with the best possible price and delivery while at the same time delivering a personal touch in customer service.