MAINA Power Transmission

Established in 1886, MAINA Power Transmission has been operating for over 60 years in power transmission equipment for industrial plants and are capable of designing and manufacturing universal joints, gear spindles and gear couplings of large dimensions and very high quality.

Universal Joints Maina

Universal Joints

MAINA has been manufacturing industrial universal shafts for the last thirty years.The product range includes 26 sizes, divided according to the dimensions and the use, into:

  • Standard & Tunnel designs w/ swing diameters 180 – 620 mm
  • Heavy Duty designs w/ swing diameters up to 1300 mm
  • HISHAFT® transmission: suitable for standard swing diameters for increased performances and bearing life
SizeLimiting torqueAlternating torqueSwing diameterFlange connection
225200018000225DIN 250
256240024000250DIN 285
289230037000285DIN 315
3113390054000315DIN 350
3518980076000350DIN 390
39254800103000390DIN 435
SizeLimiting torqueAlternating torqueSwing diameter

Flange connection w/ Face key (FK)

227280024000225225 / 250 
2510660037000250250 / 285
2815470054000285285 / 315
3121710076000315315 / 350
35295100106000350350 / 390
39392600146000390390 / 440
44678600262000440440 / 490
49841100321000490490 / 550
551340300516000550550 / 620
621755000760000620620 / 680
Universal Joints Gear Couplings Maina

Gear Couplings

For over sixty years MAINA has been manufacturing gear couplings of all types and dimensions. The best quality of the raw materials and the highest accuracy of the machining, thanks to the latest toothing machines, enable MAINA to achieve the maximum load capacity in minimum space and the longest lifetime with minimum maintenance. MAINA’s diversified production range includes many types with capabilities for flange diameters ranging from ~ 100 mm to over 2500 mm. Standard production is fast and streamlined thanks to automated, robotic cells providing complete autonomy through various stages of turning/milling, drilling, and etching. Tailor-made solutions are developed on-demand to satisfy all possible customer needs in any variety of applications. Rigid, fixed, high-angle, high-torque or high-speed; on mill stands, cranes, ships or pumps.

  • GO-A series: standard couplings w/ outer flange diameter up to 505 mm
  • GO-B series: heavey duty couplings w/ outer flange diameter up to 2500 mm
  • HS series: High speed couplings w/ accurate precision ground gear teeth for speeds up to 36,500 rpm
  • GTS series: Barrel couplings for crane application w/ outer flange diameter up to 850 mm


Steel forgings using AISI 1045 for standard couplings, 4140 for high-torque applications and higher-type materials when required Specialized heat treatments in order to limit surface corrosion, increase surface hardness & wear resistance

Low Angle, Long Distance

Spacer Couplings: a fixed tubular center section cut to length for the needs of your application between two flex half couplings Floating Shaft Coupling: two complete couplings with rigid outer halves and flex inner halves altered to accept a tubular center shaft

Universal Joints Gear Spindles Maina

Gear Spindles

For over forty years, MAINA has manufactured gear spindles providing high-quality solutions for steel and metal rolling mills.

  • Fixed or telescopic intermediate units
  • High torque at up to 3° working angles
  • Options for nitriding, case hardening and tempering, with final grinding of the working teeth
  • HISPINDLE® transmission: 60% higher performance compared to standard carburized components