Since 1947 Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm GmbH – GEWES has been producing roller bearing-mounted universal joint shafts and Cardan shaft assemblies like u-joint crosses to a high quality standard and with a large vertical range of products specifically aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers.

GEWES low-maintenance u-joints reliably transmit torques of up to 600,000 Nm in numerous industrial applications. Their Cardan shafts transmit mechanical drive power, for instance, in steel and paper factories. They are installed in crane systems, materials handling and pump stations as well as in railway and marine applications and of course in the automotive and agricultural machinery industry. Wherever torques with an angular offset pose a challenge, GEWES u-joint shafts are an optimal solution for your power train.

  • 100% German engineering
  • Made in Germany, all from one source
  • One of the industries best in delivery times
  • Family-owned and focused on long-term relationships