GEWES – Since 1947 Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm GmbH – GEWES has been producing roller bearing-mounted universal joint shafts and Cardan shaft assemblies like u-joint crosses to a high quality standard and with a large vertical range of products specifically aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers.

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GEWES low-maintenance u-joints reliably transmit torques of up to 600,000 Nm in numerous industrial applications. Their Cardan shafts transmit mechanical drive power, for instance, in steel and paper factories. They are installed in crane systems, materials handling and pump stations as well as in railway and marine applications and of course in the automotive and agricultural machinery industry. Wherever torques with an angular offset pose a challenge, GEWES u-joint shafts are an optimal solution for your power train.  | Catalogs: Universal Shafts, Double Cardan Shafts

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MAINA – Established in 1886, MAINA Power Transmission has been operating for over 60 years in power transmission equipment for industrial plants and are capable of designing, manufacturing and offering mechanical components of large dimensions and very high quality.

Universal Technical Services is MAINA’s partner in North America and your  source for the full range of quality MAINA products.

Universal Shafts, Gear SpindlesGear Couplings

MAINA Universal Shaft       MAINA Gear Spindle         Maina Gear Coupling | Catalogs: Universal ShaftsGear Spindles, Gear Couplings


KEMPF – Since 1963 Kempf manufactures universal joints and propeller shafts for the production requirements of the European truck manufacturers and for special purposes in industrial applications. | Catalogs: Universal Shafts


ITALGIUNTI – cardanic extensions, cardanic shafts, double joints cross shafts

For over 40 years Italgiunti has been operating in the field of propeller shafts, distinguishing as a quality brand all over the world. The product range has been extended throughtout the years, from the initial production of drive shafts for heavy vehicles of different manufacturers, to the actual range that now includes:

  • cardanic extensions and telescopic joints for industrial application, where power transmission is required, as in drawing, paper and still mills
  • double joints and double cross shafts for off-road vehicles, in particular for custom trims
  • cardanic shafts for long-sliding marine applications, with special flanges and omocinetic joints
  • extension of the wheel base using midship propeller shaft with center bearing
  • Balancing, also on four axes, up to 5000 rpm | Catalogs: Universal Shaft ComponentsDouble Joint 1310, Double Sliding Joint 1310Double Joint 2020, Double Sliding Joint 2020


F.B. CARDAN SRL is a Universal Joint manufacturer. They are a supplier of O.E.M. and aftermarket company. | Catalogs: Universal Joints


GKN Powertrain  for driveline parts and systems, repair and maintenance, complete design and build of special drivelines. They provide systems and components for agriculture, construction, automotive, industrial, military, marine and alternative energy markets.

The combination of experience, in process industries ranging from food production to steel and paper mills, in delivering power from stationary engines, electric motors and turbines, and meeting the demands of the rail industry, has enabled GKN to become No. 1 in European service.

Cardan joints & shafts

  • Small series – for low speed applications with torque capacity up to 2500 Nm
  • Medium series – for general engineering, torque capacity from 2,000 to 45,000 Nm
  • Heavy duty series – from 40,000 to 580,000 Nm. Shafts with greater capacities on demand. | Catalogs: Universal Shafts, Universal Joints, Industrial CV Driveshafts, Light Vehicle Propshafts

TIRSAN KARDANTiryakiler Group of Companies is specialized in the design and manufacture of Propeller Shafts, Steering Columns and Gear Box/Differential Flanges with over 60 years of experience in the automotive industry. Our group is the main preferred supplier of all these product groups in Turkey and many more worldwide OEM and OES companies. | Catalogs: Driveline Components, Driveline Components (Technical)

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CONVEL – Since 1927, the Rzeppa Constant Velocity Joint has been solving problems for mobile equipment builders world wide. CON-VEL wheel drive bell joints deliver thoroughly proven, dependable power transmission. Careful selection of the highest quality materials, precision manufactured by experienced craftsmen, conscientious assembly, and rigid adherence to detail guarantee a reliable, quality product. With long-life high angle capability and Series high power density, the CONVEL wheel drive joint offers greater performance than cardan designs.

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ROTAR – Founded in 1960, ROTAR has spent the last five decades establishing itself as a market leader in the universal and specialty joints and shafts industry by applying an innovative twist to concepts developed by Gerolamo Cardano.  Armed with a passion and focus on product quality, reliability, and innovation, ROTAR fully believes that the quality of their product speaks for itself. | Catalogs: Universal Joints