Universal Technical Services, LLC is located in South Carolina and provides the design & sales of the following products:

  • Driveline parts
  • Universal joints
  • Constant Velocity Joints
  • Universal Driveshaft Assemblies
  • End Yokes
  • Metric Drive Shafts
  • Wing Style Driveline

Markets served:  Marine, Agriculture, OEM’s, Metal Processing, Military, Industrial, Paper, Automotive and Transportation.

Universal Technical Services, LLC (UTS LLC) is located in South Carolina and provides power transmission design & sales for the following industries:  Marine, Agriculture, OEM’s, Paper, Military, Industrial, Metal Processing and Automotive Transportation.   UTS works with the following manufacturers Gewes, Tirsan, Convel, Italgiunti, and FB Cardan SRL to provide the following products:  driveline parts, universal joints, constant velocity joints, universal driveshaft assemblies, end yokes, metric drive shafts, and wing style drivelines.